WOD 20/6/15

Workout of the Day

Complete Missed Strength from past week:
– Strict press/Pushpress
– Squats
– Weighted Ring dips
– Deadlift

Practice Skills:
– Clean
– Jerk
– Kipping Pullup
– Double unders

Do a metcon, ask your coach to recommend one

open gym is a great opportunity to work out with friends from the gym, meet up and work together with no time pressure

Intermediate CrossFit
Independent part:
Hams+glute+lower back mobility.
Back Skwaat 5×70% 3×75% 3×80% 2×85%
Deadlift 5x10x60%
Class: 18:00.
Snatch practice 10 min.
Then 10 min establish max weight at: Hang snatch+overhead squat+snatch grip jerk.
MetCon:9 min AMRAP
10 Squat snatch 42,5/30 kg
50 DU
*Scaling: Guyz can perform power snatch with the same weight, or stay home, girls not less than 15 kg.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.