WOD 1/11/15

Atarim and Dizengoff:

Strength: Barbell Push
A)Strict Press 5×5 weight from Elements.
B) Establish 5RM Strict press.
C) Establish 5RM Push press.
D) Establish 1RM Jerk (from rack)

MetCon: 12 min AMRAP:
5 Pull Ups
5 Push Ups
10 KB Clean&Jerk (aka long cycle perform 10 at each side)

A) Jumping Pull ups-HRPU-16/12 kg
B) Pull ups-HSPU-20/16 kg
C) Pull ups-HSPU-24/20 kg
D)C2B Pullups- Def.HSPU(15/10kg plates)-32/24kg.




Independent part: Shoulder+ wrist mobility.
Add 2.5kg to your Training max, from now that’s your TM for next cycle.
Push press 5*65% 5*75% +5*85%(TM)
Strict press 3*10 or
Strict HSPU 3*5-10, Scale up if needed to deficit or ring HSPU.
Triceps ext. 100 reps, can be done in any order.

Class: 19-00.
20 min Jerk practice.
Or 6*3*70% 1RM jerk.

For time:
100 DU
50 Bumper Plate G2OH 25/20 kg
100 DU