W.O.D 9/8/18

CrossFit WOD

Strength: Squat

A) Backsquat 5x5x Weight from elements class

B) Backsquat 5x5x90%5RM

C) Front squat 6x3x90% 3RM

D) Front squat 6x3x90% 3RM

E) Front squat 6x3x80% 1RM


MetCon: Partner Wod for time

P-1 work

P-2 rest

100 Box jump

100 Situps

100 OHS 42.5/30


*alternate freely

** Partners use same weights and boxes

*** ask coach for mods


Olympic weightlifting  W.O.D

  1. 3 position snatch (top to bottom) 5 sets @70%
  2. Snatch with tempo first pull 3x3x75% | 3x2x80% | 2x2x85%
  3. Clean 2x3x80% | 2x2x90% | 2x1x95%
  4. Clean pull 4x3x100%
  5. Front squat 3x3x75% | 3x2x85% | 1x1x90%